Special Offers

HMAA is the exclusive Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Association Health Plan offering for HRA Regular members and other qualified HRA members. Eligible – HRA members get preferred pricing on the HRA Association Health Plan with HMAA, making group health insurance costs more affordable for your business and employees. Regardless if you’re a small or large business, you do not have to wait for your health plan’s renewal period to take advantage of this offer. The savings potential will vary by company. HMAA’s medical plans cover traditional and comprehensive alternative care including chiropractic, naturopathic, acupuncture, and massage therapy. Additional benefits include dental and orthodontia, prescription, vision, and life insurance. Because HMAA is passionate about your health, they also offer a variety of wellness services and discounts such as their innovative Baby & Me maternity programming and free colorectal cancer screening. Their extensive provider network includes nationwide access to physicians and free 24/7 telemedicine service.

For more information and to request a quote, visit www.hmaa.com/healthplans or

Contact Sales at sales@hmaa.com and 808-791-7616 (toll-free 800-621-6998 x308).

Triple F Distributing

Restaurant and bar owners now have access to an exclusive tax credit that helps recoup money spent paying tips to their employees. It’s called the FICA Tip Credit and lets you get your FICA tax back from the IRS. If you have employees who earn tips as part of their wages, then it’s likely you qualify! Visit HRA’s Adesso partner page to learn more.


Alsco, Linen and Uniform Rental Services; Rental 20% off All Direct Sale Purchases for HRA members. Alsco will offer 15% off the first month of a new or renewed 3 year rental contract or 15% off the first two months of a new or renewed 5 year rental contract. ALSCO has Tee Shirts, Polo Shirts, industrial wear and Chef wear. Ask about our embroidery and delivery. Contact Debbie Atonio @ 808-834-7526 datonio@alsco.com

Bank of Hawaii’s Merchant Services Special Offer for Hawai’i Restaurant Association Members

For 125 years, we’ve been a bank with a single focus—our unwavering commitment to doing what’s right for our customers and our communities.

And as a trusted provider of Merchant Services, Bank of Hawaii understands the unique challenges faced by restaurants and the importance of streamlined payment processing solutions. It is with great pleasure that we extend this exclusive offer to the Hawai’i Restaurant Association members:

Merchant Pro Package*:

  • One Flat rate processing and transaction fee
  • Clover Device Included
  • Full hardware warranty on Clover device and Enhanced local service/equipment support for your entire processing relationship with us at no additional cost.
  • 1-year agreement term 
  • Gross funding 
  • Waived setup fee 
  • Reduced set up cost on a Self-Ordering Kiosk or $100 Statement credit toward 1st month processing fees**


At the Bank of Hawaii’s Merchant Services, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative and cost-effective payment solutions tailored specifically to the needs of businesses in the food and beverage industry. With our cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service, we have helped numerous restaurants optimize their operations and maximize revenue.

Outlined below are the key features of our merchant services offering:

Customized Payment Solutions:

We recognize that every restaurant is unique, which is why we offer tailored payment solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a customizable Point of Sale System, countertop terminals, mobile payment solutions, online ordering integration, or contactless payment options, we have you covered.

    Competitive Pricing:

We understand the importance of minimizing costs and maximizing profits in the restaurant industry. Our merchant services come at highly competitive flat or IC+ rates,    ensuring that you receive excellent value for your investment.

  Seamless Integration:

Our payment processing solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing point-of-sale (POS) systems, providing a hassle-free experience for your staff and customers. We offer compatibility with popular POS providers, enabling you to continue using your preferred software.

   Advanced Security Measures:

Protecting your customers’ sensitive information is of utmost importance. Our merchant services are equipped with the latest security features, including encryption and tokenization, to safeguard transaction data and mitigate the risk of fraud.

Local Service and Support:

As a valued customer, you will have access to a local service rep who will provide support and assistance throughout your relationship with Bank of Hawaii’s Merchant Services.

    Value-Added Services:

In addition to payment processing, we offer a range of value-added services, such as Self-Serve Kiosks, gift card programs, loyalty solutions, and analytics tools. These      services can help you attract new customers, retain existing ones, and gain valuable insights into your business performance.

We believe that this exclusive offer will greatly benefit the Hawai’i Restaurant Association members, providing you with the tools and support necessary to thrive in an increasingly competitive industry.

We welcome the opportunity to schedule a consultation at your convenience. Please feel free to contact us directly @ 808-694-7300 or via our Merchant Services Contact Form, and mention Hawai’i Restaurant Association Membership.

Member FDIC ©2023 Bank of Hawaii dba Bank of Hawai’i.

*Available to new Bank of Hawaii Merchant Services customers who open a Merchant Pro acquiring account in 2023-2024. Deposit account may be required to qualify for the offer. Clover SaaS fee plan, PCI compliance, and Transarmor fees billed separately.

**Requires an open and credit approved merchant account, processing and active on the Bank of Hawaii merchant processing platform for a minimum of 12 months.

In a market saturated with companies vying for customers, Better Business Bureau Accreditation gives consumers confidence that they’re dealing with an ethical and vetted business. BBB is a proud member of the Hawaii Restaurant Association and they would be happy to answer your questions or help you with the accreditation process. Apply for BBB Accreditation and show customers that your restaurant operates honestly and with integrity.

BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) is the bridge between songwriters and the businesses and organizations that want to play their music publicly. As a global leader in music rights management, BMI serves as an advocate for the value of music, representing more than 8.5 million musical works created and owned by more than 650,000 songwriters, composers, and music publishers. HRA members receive a 5% discount for their membership and another 5% discount when they license and/or pay in full online at www.bmi.com/ede. When licensing or paying online, HRA members receive all of the applicable discounts (including an additional 10% discount for timely payment) as they move through the licensing/payment process. For more information about music licensing or the BMI partnership, contact Josh Lagersen at jlagersen@bmi.com or 800-925-8451.

First Insurance Company of Hawaii is Hawaii’s oldest and largest property and casualty insurer domiciled in Hawaii. First Insurance, a member of the Tokio Marine North America (TMNA) group of companies, enjoys an “A+” rating from A.M. Best Co. Proud of it’s broadly experienced, service-oriented local staff, First Insurance employs over 250 insurance professionals and distributes its products through 27 independent general agencies. As Hawaii’s largest commercial insurance provider, we offer customized insurance solutions for small businesses, including restaurants. Through our Restaurant Safety Program, restaurant owners can take advantage of preferred pricing, specialized coverage and safety credits.

Whatever the type of restaurant you may own, we can provide the right coverage to give you peace of mind so you can focus on helping to grow your business.To get a quote, contact your independent insurance agent or reach out to an agency in our extensive network. To learn more about First Insurance Company of Hawaii, visit www.ficoh.com today!

Clean Supply Mister that quickly sanitizes surfaces without making the surfaces wet. It’s very easy and convenient to use, and cuts down on sanitizing time.

Everyday pricing is: $125.00 per unit. HRA members cost is $100.00 per unit. Get them while supplies last. Cleaning solution, which contains alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, is available for $60.00 per case of 4 1-gallon containers.

Please contact Heather Pence H.Pence@hawaiianspringswater.com for ordering information.

Hawaii Dental Service (HDS) is the leading dental benefits provider in the State, offering the largest network of participating dentists in Hawaii. Visit HawaiiDentalService.com to search for a dentist, check your eligibility and plan benefits, access your benefits statements and dental history, or check the status of your claims. HRA members receive preferred plan rates, comprehensive benefits, and dental plan options for small and large employers. If you’re interested in an HDS dental plan for your company, please contact:

JESSICA LAM | Strategic Account Executive

Tel: (808) 529-9211 | Cell: (808) 462-1234

Email: lhonda@hawaiidentalservice.com

For over 50 years, HONBLUE has been a recognizable and trusted brand in Hawaii. HONBLUE consistently thinks beyond the paradigms of a standard printing company, utilizing the best technologies and systems to better serve our clients in diverse industries. Our services include: AEC print services, commercial and digital printing, large format graphics, and print equipment. We are a family business, locally owned and operated, and an active participant in our community.

We have a special offer just for HRA members! Get 10% off ALL PRODUCTS on our retail website https://print.honblue.com/. Enter promo code HRA10 at checkout.

Please visit our main website https://www.honblue.com/ for more information about HONBLUE and let us know how we can assist your business with any printing needs.

Offering Free Business Consulting for Your Restaurant. 
Our team of experienced financial experts will review current business financing arrangements, assess opportunities for savings, and explore options to optimize business funding strategies. Whether it’s reducing high-interest commercial loans, consolidating business debts, or accessing additional capital for expansion, Liberty Capital Group, Inc. is dedicated to helping HRA members achieve their financial goals. Please contact Adrian Dalsey, CEO, at 888-511-6223 or email adrian.dalsey@libertycapitalgroup.com
Is your restaurant ready for the NEW NORMAL? While the current pandemic has caused many of us to change the way we are doing business, restaurants must make sure they have the tools needed to keep customers and staff safe.   Obun Hawaii has been providing Hawaii business with their printing needs for the past 50 years and can help you with safety and security printing.

We are more than ink on paper. We provide personal customer service to make sure we match the best print materials with your need to obtain the best results.

HRA members will receive a 10% discount on all safety signage, whether it is tamper seals, sanitizing verification signs, or safety label signage.

Call us today at 808 591-6286 or email at info@obunhawaii.com and stand out in the NEW NORMAL.

As a member of the Hawaii Restaurant Association you now have access to exclusive members-only discounts at Office Depot and OfficeMax. Save up to 80% off the officedepot.com regular prices on our Best Value List of preferred products with free delivery on qualifying orders of $50 or more. Click here www.1800member.com/od-hra  to start saving.

Pathways Business Lending, LLC is a locally owned company from Kapolei, Hawaii. With a variety of business lending partners, Pathways is there for you in every step of your journey. Whether a restaurant is seeking funds to renovate its kitchen or dining area, purchase new equipment or technology, open a new location, beef up its marketing campaign, obtain a liquor license, build a catering segment, or hire more employees, Pathways will work tirelessly to get you funded.

At Pathways Business Lending, we aim to source for you the working capital that your restaurant deserves. Access to our co-branded Ultimate Revolving Line of Credit. Funds from $5,000 to $1,000,000. Competitive interest rates. Interest is tax deductible. No collateral needed. Quick, streamlined process to get you pre-qualified. If pre-qualified, funding is typically within 3 business days.

For HRA Members, my Same-Day Response Commitment. Service is not bound by typical office hours.

Let’s get you pre-qualified. The best time to secure business funding is when things are calm. The next opportunity is right around the corner. It’s best to be prepared.

Connect with Pathways Business Lending, LLC:

Tony Goulart
(808) 375-2773

PSH Insurance, Inc. provides Employee Benefit and HR Consulting services for Hawaii Restaurant Association members.  For further information, please visit our website at www.pshinsurance.com or contact Sherri Lynn Ablao at (808) 531-6211.

Sustainable Island Products is a family-owned, Hawaii-based distributor of more than 450 compostable and recyclable products. We supply eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives to many single-use items routinely used in Big Island restaurants, grocery stores, schools, hotels, and offices. SIP’s product lines include cold cups, deli containers, hot cups and soup containers, cutlery, plates, clamshells, napkins, paper towels, pizza boxes, glass bottles, and jars.

An essential part of our mission is to take responsibility for doing everything we can to protect our beautiful island home. As part of this commitment, we recently became a Certified B Corporation, constantly striving to find new ways to be more economically and environmentally sustainable. We believe our legacy is intimately linked to environmental stewardship. That’s why we guarantee the compostable nature of our products as well as the quality of their performance. Every day, we create a positive social impact while fostering a more natural and healthy Hawaiian economy.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Elkjer at elizabeth@sustainableislandproducts.com 808.769.4905 or visit their website at www.sustainableislandproducts.com

Triple F Distributing
Triple F Distributing Specializing in Janitorial, Bar and Paper Products.  For nearly 40 years, we’ve been happily building relationships with businesses and vendors in Hawaii. Founded in 1978 by Fred Salassas, we continue to follow the same philosophy that Fred built his success on: “Build solid relationships by providing excellent service at a fair price.”  HRA members get a $50 credit for all new customer orders of $300 or more.  Mention HRA deal when ordering.  http://www.fffhawaii.com/