May 2022 Executive Director’s Message

Hawaii Restaurant Association’s Town Halls are a fantastic opportunity to speak with and learn more about our candidates. This month our Town Halls featured candidates for Governor and next is the opportunity to hear directly from the Lieutenant Governor Candidates. Don’t miss out on learning about their platforms, what they’re passionate about, and hearing their vision for Hawaii as they answer questions on the issues that matter to you.

The HRA 2022 Golf Tournament is just around the corner on June 30th at the Prince Golf Course and tickets are selling fast! We’ve got lots of great vendors, food, drinks, prizes and fun planned for the day, and if you haven’t bought your tickets yet, don’t delay — get them now! Guarantee to be sold out very soon!

We are also looking for Team and Raffle Prizes. Should you have any questions or would like to donate a prize, please feel free to reach out to: Mahalo for all of your support!

Join us for our June panel discussion: The Future of Dining

The last decade has been a wild ride for the restaurant industry, with the advent of social media, mobile technology and modern delivery services bringing both opportunities and challenges for America’s restaurants. As we enter a new decade, there are more questions than answers about what’s next for dining out.

To help answer those questions and offer some predictions, we’ve brought together industry experts from inside and outside our company to talk about where dining is heading in 2022 and beyond. Their insights are grouped into four main trends:

The power of AI: Artificial intelligence will help restaurants make better decisions about how to run their business.

Voice on the rise: Voice-activated devices like Google Home have already disrupted search marketing. Soon they will disrupt ordering as well.

All things mobile: Mobile devices are playing a bigger role than ever before in restaurants’ digital marketing strategies. And let’s not forget social media, which continues to be a powerful tool for reaching diners.

Eating out gets healthier: Restaurants need to start offering healthier meal options — especially as consumers become more conscious of sustainability and food waste.

We encourage members to reach out to us if they would like to be a part of this informative panel discussion. More details coming soon!


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