Top 5 Energy Management Best Practices During COVID-19 to save $$

After a difficult year, it’s more important than ever to make sure your energy costs aren’t hindering you from getting back on your feet.  Make smart energy choices and keep your electric bills low – now and in the future – with these helpful tips:

  1. Set thermostats a couple degrees higher. Increasing your thermostat set-point one or two degrees won’t necessarily feel noticeable and will help keep cooling costs down. You should also make sure your A/C schedule matches your current operating hours.
  2. Close doors and blinds if possible when the A/C is on. Closing the doors keeps the cool air inside, while using blinds during hours of harsh sunlight will reduce the amount of heat radiating into your workplace.  Both will help prevent your A/C from working overtime.
  3. Be smart with your lighting. Turn off outdoor lighting during the day and all lights outside of operating hours.  Dim or alternate lights in unoccupied zones if they cannot be shut off completely.
  4. Plug electronic equipment into smart power strips. Smart power strips prevent energy from being drawn by inactive devices even if you forget to turn them off.  Additionally, utilize the energy-savings mode on electronics where possible.
  5. Educate your employees. Teach employees about energy waste and how to avoid it – everyone doing their part adds up! Encourage and reward your staff for identifying additional operational efficiency opportunities.

If you need industry-specific guidance on how to manage your energy usage and lower your electricity bill, visit


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