February 2021 Executive Directors Message

Aloha Members!! it is that time again and we are asking all of you for your much needed support with this upcoming legislative session. There are many bills being introduced that will affect how we do business and ultimately our continued existence. We have all had to endure many hardships over this last year and if our current situation were not bad enough, with the upcoming enforcement of Ordinance 19-30 (aka: Bill 40), this legislative session is adding more fuel to the already towering fire.

We are facing bills that include; the repayment to the State’s Unemployment Insurance Fund – which now exceeds seven hundred million dollars, also the Minimum Wage Increase, No Tip Credits, Food Waste Recycling, Predictive Scheduling, as well as a new regressive tax on Sugar in Beverages. Each of these pieces of legislation will impact every one of our local restaurants significantly.

Please know the Hawaii Restaurant Association is well aware of each of these bills and are fighting hard for our industry. However, we cannot do it alone, and it is with a sense of urgency we ask for your kokua, to create the change we need for the survival of our local industry.

If you are interested in becoming more involved in advocating and lending a hand in helping the Hawaii Restaurant Association to continue this fight, please email us at info@hawaiirestaurant.org

We need YOU to submit testimonies and show up at hearings.

I would like to send out a special Mahalo to Victor Lim, our HRA Government Relations Lead who spends countless hours submitting testimonies, showing up at hearings, making phone calls all on behalf of our food service industry. Victor and our Government Relations committee needs your support.

HRA is actively fighting this battle for you and your business and we need your involvement more than ever!


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