Guava Smoked Serves Up Plates with Support from HRA and HMAA

“Partnering with HRA and HMAA has helped our business a lot by giving us some really good deals as a member! Having them as a resource has been very helpful in managing a business during this pandemic.”  – Scott Shibuya, Owner

As an HRA member, Guava Smoked enrolled in the Association Health Plan with HMAA to leverage HRA’s preferred rates. This has been a huge benefit to the employees of Guava Smoked, in particular, with HMAA providing a strong safety net to help them focus on their well-being. When Shibuya was looking for health insurance, he knew HMAA was the right fit for coverage and cost savings, which have both been incredibly important this year.

“Being able to provide the benefits needed for our employees has been an important factor in our ability to continue operating during the pandemic,” Shibuya said.

Guava Smoked has been in business on Oahu for nearly a decade. Like many Hawaiian food businesses, they originally started at farmers’ markets where they found success, and later  opened their first location in Kalihi in 2013. Their newest location in Kapuhulu opened in February of this year.

“We are dedicated to producing delicious smoked products for you to savor and share with family and friends,” Shibuya said. “We offer a wide variety of guava-smoked meats such as beef, pork, chicken, duck, and fish, which come in bowls, plate lunches, burgers, and sandwiches. Customers can also order through our catering service or buy our meats packaged and frozen for reheating later.”

Serving up plates for its customers during this pandemic has been challenging, but Guava Smoked continues to do so through its strategic business efforts and support from the community, HRA, and HMAA.

To learn more about HRA’s Association Health Plan, contact HMAA at (808) 791-7616 or request a quote at


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