Move ahead by looking back + ServSafe Classes

This now 6 month pause in what we love to do hopefully is coming to an end sooner than later. Reflecting on this period, what have you done to improve your operations?  As we edge closer to re-opening (yet again) now is a good time to put finishing touches on the plans to make your restaurant even better!!!

Have you reviewed your menus? Do you have menu items that are losers, or even worse – are frequent causes of guest illness? Now would be a great time to take them off the menu,or revamp the cooking procedure.

With greatly reduced staffing, managers have been doing jobs that are usually done by the staff. Are there any adjustments needed in the cooking, cleaning or service protocols that you have in place? The management team should review all procedures, frequency of and who does these steps.

How is your covid -19 response? Are there any parts of your plan that leaves gaps that may cause your guests or staff feel not safe (and go somewhere else)? Are there any parts of the plan that are not as smooth or as effective? Make adjustments, make the changes in your plan, and retrain your staff.

There are 2 types of training you should be polishing up. The 1st is the training of new staff, and retraining of older staff. Make sure the new get a great start by learning the safety procedures, temperatures, and cooking techniques. Older staff may be out of practice, or may have picked up shortcuts that may compromise your food safety. New or refresh training can help put all your staff on the same page.

The other training that should be kept up to date is your ServSafe® Food Safety Manager Certification. These certificates are good for 5 years, and the DoH may give a violation if the PIC does not have a valid Food Safety Certificate. This certificate is also a key part of the National Restaurant Association Dining Commitment. This program has signage for your front door, and info you can add to your social media sites that show your guests your restaurant follows a higher standard. Check it out at

There are upcoming ServSafe Food Manager September 24 and October 29 at Big City Diner – Windward Mall. The class is from 7:30 to 5:30. Contact for details on the class and discounts for HRA members. Space is limited, and we will follow all protocols such as masks and social distancing.

To set up a Food Safety Audit or Register for an upcoming ServSafe class, please contact Peter Bellisario via email or phone (808)491-7766. As always, Hawaii Restaurant Association members are eligible for a discount on our already reasonable fees.

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