The Best Tool for SEO is Free!

Right now, your focus is on getting more people into your restaurant. There is a tool that is right in front of you to help…Google My Business. It is simply the best thing you can do to get local customers, and it’s absolutely free.

Registering your restaurant will Google My Business (GMB) gives you an immediate advantage over those who don’t.  Google wants to give searchers the best information possible. Without even going to your website, customers can see your location, hours, read reviews, and even (with a third-party integration) book a table or see your menu. Beyond the basic information, your GMB listing can show photos of your location and menu items, give a keyword-rich description of your shop, be a direct link to your phone number or directions, and even a place to post specials and manage Google ads.

This SEO powerhouse has a lot of features I’ll explore over the next few issues of the HRA newsletter. Today, let’s get your GMB set up and learn why it matters.

Get verified in three, easy steps.

  1. Find out if you already have a listing. Do this by signing up and checking here.
  1. Follow the prompts for your address, business category, and website URL. (If you don’t have a website, we definitely need to talk!)
  1. Google will verify your business location by sending you a postcard in the mail. Watch for it and confirm your listing with the code given. Instructions are on the card.

It’s that easy. Now you are on your way to showing up in the maps section of Google.

Growing your business is all about getting new customers. People who don’t know your name will most likely search for what you offer. GMB can help:

  1. People search local before showing up or calling. They’ll search for something like, ‘tacos near me,” or “best coffee in Kaka’ako,” and Google targets their location and offers the GMB listings that are close. 
  2. Then, the prospect will look at your listing for reviews, menu, and hours of operation. Do you deliver? List it on GMB. Taking reservations? The user can book a table right then. If they want to learn more, they will click the link to your website.

The easier it is for your customer to find you, the more business you’ll get. In digital marketing, all roads should lead to your website. Google My Business is the super-highway to get them there.

There are many more ways to beef up your GMB. Next time, I’ll tell you the importance of great photos in your GMB listing and what you must add to the description for maximum impact.

Not sure if you have a GMB listing? Want a review of your GMB? Book a free consultation today with Karelin James at PinPoint Local. Let us be your “back of the house” for all things digital. HRA members get 10% off all services.


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