Do you want to generate additional revenue from online ordering?

Mixed Handed Branding provides customized branding solutions for restaurants to meet the changing demands in our market. Specializing in website development to help restaurants set up their online ordering for to-go, carry-out, and delivery. As a preferred partner for the WIX website building platform, our firm sets up easy to use websites with mobile app management software that makes it easy to implement and manage online ordering. 

We take care of all logistical set up to ensure a smooth online ordering process that works for your restaurant and operation. Our goal is to help your business succeed through a mix of digital development and operational advising. 

Mixed Handed Branding has also developed a specialized partnership with Chef Matthew Small of ProChef Solutions to help Hawaii restaurants design profitable to-go menus, develop business operations, and provide customized restaurant operations advising. Chef Matthew Small with ProChef Solutions has over 26 years experience in the food service industry as a production chef, operations manager, culinary consultant, and educator. 

Chef Matthew Small has worked in all aspects of food and beverage, from large hotels to small private clubs, from high volume restaurants to large scale food distribution. His experience makes him uniquely qualified to assist in all aspects of a food service business, and help streamline operations.”

If you are a new business owner, an aspiring restaurateur or in need of a fresh perspective we can help you fill in the gaps. Our services give our clients the ability to grow and succeed with changing market conditions. We are here to help you navigate service models that can help you now and into the future. 

In light of the ongoing pandemic; operations will need to be streamlined for maximum profitability. Our team can assist in transitioning from full service operations to a take out and/or delivery model. Mixed Handed Branding in partnership with ProChef Solutions can provide expertise and knowledge of industry trends, changing market conditions and operational management.   

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