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As PR practitioners specializing in the food and beverage space, Jenerate PR is offering some advice regarding best practices for COVID-era communications. While in many ways we are all finding ourselves in unchartered territory, there are key elements to crisis communications that can and should be applied during the time of COVID-19.


Read on for Jenerate PR’s Three Cs to Communicating in a Crisis.



An absence of communications leaves your audience with questions. Be prepared to communicate clearly with your audience regarding your current operations and how they are changing amid the crisis.


Restaurants are doing so much to keep their guests safe and healthy. Think about how you are communicating that message. Are you showcasing visuals that communicate your health and safety message across your social media channels (masked servers, social distance measures, contactless ordering, back of house cleanliness, etc.)? Photos and visuals that humanize your message by featuring employees caring for and customers enjoying your establishment responsibly will be widely received.


Internally, clarity is equally important. Are your employees who answer the phones and welcome guests prepared to discuss the steps your restaurant has taken to maintain a safe and healthy environment? Make sure all employees are well aware of the message and able to effectively share it with anyone who may be concerned.



Companies that communicate frequently and thoughtfully are the ones that will come out on the other side of a crisis.


Are you consistently updating your social media pages and website with your current offerings and operations? Are you consistently updating the media or your communication agency partners about these changes? At this time, your external communications should feature a consistent schedule of health and safety messaging, as well as more traditional messaging featuring your menu items, special offers, etc. Lean on technology to help you communicate and reach wider audiences.



During a crisis like the one we are in, fear is an unavoidable factor, and as such, your communications should lead with compassion. While many folks are ready to get “back to normal,” a large percentage of your audience will still be hesitant to do so. Keep these people in mind and create communications that offer value to your audience, create trust, and continue to promote takeout and delivery options for those who may still be wary of dining out.


For help creating a COVID Communications Plan, email or call
808-281-2088 to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

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