Connecting with your Customers with PinPoint Local

No doubt you are feeling incredibly challenged these days. With the current conditions, you’ve most likely made the switch to 100% online orders and takeaway service. You’ve done this while increasing your sanitation practices like never before. It must be a bit overwhelming. Here’s my best advice for connecting with your customers online and staying afloat until our restrictions lift.

The number one thing that keeps a customer on your site is an easy way to order. Are they able to find the information they need quickly? These days it could be an obvious, “Takeaway Menu,” “How to pick up curbside,” or “Free delivery on orders over…” The less work your customer has to do to find what they need, the better. Make your best, first impression and profit with these tips:

  • Create a simpler Covid-19 menu so it’s clear what you offer now
  • Highlight your high-margin menu items
  • Create bundles or family portion packages
  • Use the idea of scarcity by offering a limited quantity special such as “Mother’s Day Meal” packages for the first “X” number of orders.

Your website can be used, especially these days, to build community. Create an “insider” opt-in for customers to leave their email addresses and be notified about upcoming specials or for things like, “Be the first to be notified when…” Offer off-menu specials that only those on your list can know about. Having a list of loyal customers who can be emailed about specials could be the difference between selling out and throwing out wasted items. Your customers want to support you – help them do it easily.

Another area to consider is the technology side of your site. Are the links working? Is the navigation intuitive so your customer uses the least amount of clicks to find what they want? Does the overall look of your site reflect current trends so the customer gets a fresh, up-to-date feel? Do you have Google Analytics set up so you can track where customers are using your site and how you can improve traffic?

These are a few ways to improve your online presence. It’s a big topic. (I haven’t touched on social media or search engine optimization. I’ll save it for another day.) Simply put, your website is your virtual dining room and the gateway to sales during the shutdown.

As a member of HRA, I’m happy to answer any questions or offer a free website review. Together, we can make your website an effective connection to your customers now and into the future. 

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