Executive Directors Message – April 2020

Why are you a member of the National Restaurant Association and The Hawaii Restaurant Association?

We are your best advocate and resource during this unprecedented outbreak of COVID-19.

Despite this period of social distancing, I feel a closer bond to our members, our HRA Board of Directors and  industry leaders. I am grateful to everyone who helped people with their businesses and overall assisted others during these fearful times.

If you are a restaurant owner or manager, a business owner or a food service employee the support from the National Restaurant Association and your local Hawaii Restaurant Association Board of Directors has been so heartwarming and touching.

During the last 30 days I have witnessed your Hawaii Restaurant Association’s Board of Directors band together even more than ever. We have been having numerous conference calls daily since the first COVID-19 outbreak, this includes weekends, early mornings & late nights (I won’t say who is up and texting me at 6:30am and at 11pm at night) .

Your Board of Directors repeatedly asked Governor Ige for a meeting. Their teamwork helped initiate a talk with Governor Ige regarding our Hawaii Business Sustainment Package that could benefit all struggling restaurants and businesses.

Your Hawaii Restaurant Assocation’s Chairman has been quoted on all local TV stations and has replied to inquiries from our membership. He is still continuing to ensure that HRA is doing everything possible to assist our restaurants and businesses.

Your National Restaurant Association & Hawaii Restaurant Association’s Government Affairs Committee has invested many long days in crafting the $2.2 Trillion Package.

The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation Implemented a $500 grant to all restaurant employees who were affected by COVID-19. Unfortunately, the website crashed due to the heavy traffic. The NRA upgraded the website system and expanded its capacity. Please spread the word. If you are not Receiving HRA’s emails and newsletters please subscribe to https://hawaiirestaurant.org as we send out updates and resources, you will receive it. Spread the word and subscribe.

All of our combined effort shows how our bonds as an association can overcome the many obstacles we may face during these tough times. Having people we can depend on is how we will endure and keep serving the community.

I would like to extend my condolences to the family and friends of the individuals that have lost the battle against this terrible virus. My deepest sympathy goes out to you.

This is a reminder that life is short and something in the form of an unknown virus has changed our lives forever.

My gratitude goes out to all first responders. Healthcare individuals, law enforcement, fire department pharmacy and grocery store employees and many many more people that continue to support our community during this tough time.

The Hawaii Restaurant Association Board of Directors and The HRA Team and will always be your advocate and main resource, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at: info@hawaiirestaurant.org


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