New Member Profile – Island Olive Oil Company

At Island Olive Oil Company, the focus is on high quality, fresh products that come straight from the producer. This family-owned business has been bringing small batch, specialty extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars to Hawaii for over five years.  Each batch of olive oil is lab tested to ensure they have the highest quality available for their retail and wholesale customers.

Owners Brian and Angel Foster, work directly with the farms, vendors and suppliers who produce the oils and vinegars available here to ensure their freshness and quality are at the highest level.  By sourcing from all over the world, they are able to rotate their products for optimal freshness year-round.  “The fresher an olive oil is, the better it tastes and the healthier it is,” Brian explains.  Countries in the Northern Hemisphere, including Italy and Spain, press in October and November.  During the fall and winter months Island Olive Oil’s EVOO comes from this part of the world. Conversely, the Southern Hemisphere presses oil during April and May, so during late spring and summer, they source from countries like Australia, Chile, and South Africa.

In addition to their EVOOs, there are a variety of white and dark balsamic vinegars direct from Modena, Italy, that are barrel aged for up to 25 years.

They also have gift baskets, tasting sets, and imported gourmet food items that make excellent gift ideas for every occasion. Come for the experience and taste the difference at Island Olive Oil!


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