19 Things I LOVE

Ahhh – Valentines Day. My thoughts turn to Love… things I Love to see in a safe kitchen that is!! These are a few good practices that I love to see, and are great suggestions for your operation

We preach to wash your hands for 20 seconds. Placing a clock right by the sink with a big second hand lets your staff be aware of how long they wash their hands.

Drink Cups – tired of telling your staff to have their covered and strawed drink cups off their work stations or on a shelf above food – all violations. Then install a cup holder in a central area and have all use it

Chemical test kits – On many audits, test supplies can’t be found, are left on top of the dish machine – where they get wet and not usable, or even locked in the managers office. Purchase or create a test kit station. A sign listing what, how and how often these critical levels are checked would be a good idea. Place your clipboard with the sanitizer levels log right here as well.

Other things that I have fallen in Love with are:

Liquor bottle covers. To prevent little buggies from flying into booze bottles overnight, there are caps for the pour tops, or even placing inverted cone cups on top of each bottle block little buggies. I love when they hold up a bottle on Bar Rescue to show the customers what has been swimming in their drink.

Time Stamp… even your Sani-Buckets A place that I visit that has a high degree of food safety awareness even puts 4 hour time stamps on their sanibuckets. After 4 hours, the solution loses its effectiveness. Timestamping helps to ensure proper ppm of the solution. If you store your in-use utensils in water, timestamping that is a good idea as well.

Map out your floor drains Frequent cleaning of floor drains is a key step in preventing pests, especially those hard to get rid of drain flies. There is always 1 drain hiding under a shelf in an obscure corner – but the drain flies know where they are!! Create a map of your facility showing where all the drains are located. When you have your staff scrub the drains, have them check off each drain. Too often do I see the easy to reach drains spotless, but the hard to reach drains have loads of trash and slime.


To learn more detail about Food Safety procedures, or to set up an independent discounted audit of your facility, please contact Peter Bellisario of PeterBFoodSafetyAudits.com at peter@peterbfoodsafety.com  or (808) 491-7766. Check out my website –  www.PeterBFoodsafety.com


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