The Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Kapi’olani Community College Announces the Continuation and Expansion of Their FREE Hospitality Apprenticeship Programs!

Hawaii Cook Apprentice Program

  • Free 30-week Cook Certification program designed to provide all the fundamental and advanced skills a culinary professional needs to know.
  • Available to any current back-of-the-house employee.
  • Designed for full-time employees so classes are only once per week.
  • Well-established program beginning its 4th session February 2019. Over 200 cooks on Oahu have taken part in this program over the past two years.
  • Participants will take the following in-person classes taught by KCC faculty:
  • Visit the KCC website to watch a video about the program:

Hawaii Hospitality Management Apprentice Program

  • Brand new program beginning late February 2019.
  • Free 25-week Manager Certification program designed to help either elevate employees into management or to train those people who are already working in managerial positions but who could benefit from more training.
  • Designed to work around a full-time work schedule so all classes are online.
  • Available to employees state-wide since classes are online and testing can be done at testing centers on any island.
  • Graduates will earn the ManageFirst Professional (MFP) credential. The ManageFirst Professional credential is a distinguished accolade endorsed by the National Restaurant Association.
  • Unfortunately the grant funds don’t cover the expense of the textbooks for this program so either the employee or the employer will need to provide the textbooks for their participants.

Please share with your managers and cooks and have them contact Program Coordinator Marcus Fikse at with questions or to enroll. There are spaces for 125 managers and 80 cooks to take part in the next round of the program and KCC expects to begin with full enrollment so reach out soon!



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