POS connected Digital Menu Boards allow your menus to update themselves.

Today’s digital menu boards have evolved from a simple playlist of images and videos to fully integrated restaurant solutions.   Many restaurants have decided to test the digital menu waters with cheaper consumer TVs and USB content.  While this can be a cost-effective way to start, it doesn’t take advantage of all the features that provide a quicker ROI and sales lift opportunities like a fully integrated solution does.  Cloud based digital signage software allows for remote updating of products, special offers, limited time promotions and other content from any web browser or even your phone.


For those that wish to change prices or specials more frequently, there’s an even easier way.  Leading digital menu board software platforms allow connectivity for pulling of live data from 3rd party data sources like spreadsheets or even directly from your POS.  POS to Digital Menu Board integration allows your displays to be updated automatically & directly from your POS.  So change the burger price on the POS, and the price is updated automatically on your menu boards.  The integration can be limited to pricing and availability (so the POS can turn menu items on/off), but can also pull other information from the POS including descriptions, nutritional information and more.


While menu board software is typically easy to update, this integration provides even more options, requires less management time, and ensures parity between POS and menu board pricing.  This also allows venues to quickly change pricing during busy periods, specific times of day and more.  A minor increase in specific products can net some nice results when targeting higher profit margin items.

Existing integrations are available for Aloha, Aramark, Appetize, Clover, Gusto, Maitre’D, QuickServe and numerous other POS solutions.  Bottom line, if your POS can export an XML file (and most can), you can likely use your live POS data to update your menus automatically.

For more information on the latest in digital menu solutions and a free consultation, visit www.PacificDigitalSigns.com.

Vince Mitchell
Pacific Digital Signs


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