Member Feature: Big Island Dairy

Big Island Dairy is a 3rd generation family-owned farm with over 40 years of experience in dairy. Our family purchased an existing dairy on the Hamakua Coast in 2011. Since then, we have built a new milk house, built more comfortable facilities for the cows, and constructed a brand new milk manufacturing plant.

In 1984, Hawaii produced 100 percent of its milk locally. Since then, there has been a steady decline in dairies across the state leaving only two dairies remaining, both on the Big Island. Together, these two dairies produce less than 20 percent of the island’s needs. The rest of the milk is shipped across the ocean from the mainland.

Our dairy, the only dairy/processor in the state, is committed to producing a sustain- able product for the islands and the freshest milk products possible. There is no truck- ing involved before packaging. Our manufacturing facility is located just feet from the milk house and the milk is pumped from the milk house over to the plant in stainless steel tubing. The milk is pasteurized just minutes after leaving the dairy, causing it to stay cleaner and producing a longer lasting, better tasting product.

We have started by producing just a few fluid products and will soon expand our lines. Today we are producing skim, 1%, 2% and whole milk along with half and half and heavy whipping cream. The milk products are available in half gallon cartons with a screw top lid and the cream is available in quart and pint cartons.

Big Island Dairy is working closely with HFM Foodservice in reaching restaurants, hotels, and institutions on all islands.

We have equipment to produce butter, cheeses, yogurt, and flavored milk and anticipate rolling out several of these items in the near future.

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