Hawaiian Cool Water Taps Andrew Ling as Regional Rep

Kitchen design consultant Andrew Ling is the new regional representative for Hawaiian Cool Water, the state’s leader in reverse osmosis, UV-filtered water coolers, ice machines and sparkling water systems.

With a BFA in Interior Design from Chaminade, and previously a project manager with Mid-City Restaurant Supply, Ling has deep experience in both the local restaurant industry and kitchen design. So he’s no stranger to the fact that RO systems are critical in food service. “But,” he says, “I really love the fact that Hawaiian Cool Water is locally-owned, -founded and –based, with a cutting edge technology developed right here in Hawaii,” he says. “All products are produced here, and sizing, engineering, and maintenance are available at a moment’s notice.”

Clients like the Four Seasons Lanai, the Modern Honolulu, La Tour Restaurant, Hawaii Pacific Health and Young Bros. appreciate that too.

With a background in both bio-medical and electrical engineering, Mike Hernandez-Soria developed the proprietary Hi2O filtration system at the heart of all Hawaiian Cool Water products and services. This technology creates the ideal purification process, in which water is purified and chilled just before it’s dispensed, eliminating the need for plastic water jugs and bottles and their associated delivery and expense.

Hawaiian Cool Water serves business clients in all industries including educational facilities, restaurants, fitness centers, professional services, automotive, medical, spas & salons, hospitality, and manufacturing & warehouse facilities. Located at the Manoa Innovation Center, 2800 Woodlawn Drive, Suite 271, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822. Telephone: (808) 954-9638. Online at www.hawaiiancoolwater.com.




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