New Member Profile: Pacific Gateway Center

Pacific Gateway Center (PGC) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to empower immigrants, refugees and low-income workers in building skills so they may access opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency through education and training.

To advance our mission, we are involved in the food industry in the following ways:

  • PGC is the owner on record of the historic building in Chinatown located at 83 No. King Street. The ground floor of this building is the Lemongrass Café which is the site of The Pig and the Lady Restaurant. The purpose of this building is job creation. This family owned business is currently PGC’s business incubation and The Pig and The Lady has successfully created close to 150 jobs, hiring many low income workers and providing them with training in the food industry.
  • PGC also has the Culinary Business incubator located at 723C Umi Street with 11 prep and baking kitchens to support food startups. This is a community development initiative supporting small entrepreneurs who use their kitchens for catering, lunch wagons, baking and other diverse food manufacturing businesses.
  • PGC leases almost 180 acres of farmland in Kunia, empowering refugee farmers to become small agricultural producers. We launched 16 farms and now are working with 11 more new farms, each producing fresh produce and eggs for restaurants, farmer’s markets, and for other distribution points. This endeavor supports farm to table initiatives. We will be opening soon our Kunia Agricultural Incubator that will support Kunia farmers with food manufacturing and value-added products.


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