Food Producer Education: Creating a Quality Product (by Big Island Dairy)

On a dairy, the quality of your product is impacted by every aspect of your business, from the office work to the milking of the cows. We can know quality by testing milk, but ultimately it is the high standards that we set ourselves that make us stand out from our competition. At Big Island Dairy we work hard to produce a quality product. Here are some things we’ve learned over the years that can help your business.

Make quality your culture – In order to truly serve a quality product, everyone has to be bought in, not just the owners or managers. Our philosophy is to give clear boundaries to employees to ensure quality, and at the same time, give them leeway to be inventive and excited about what they’re doing.

Go beyond – Once you know the quality standard you have set for yourself, find ways to set quality standards that will go beyond your own expectations. In the dairy industry we have certain milk quality standards that we set for ourselves beyond regulatory requirements, and when achieve those goals, we work to set a new, higher goal.

From the left: Derek Whitesides (Owner), Steve Whitesides (Owner), Brad Duff (General Manager) and Riley Smith (Owner and Herdsman).

Find ways to be different – Each business should have a unique, quality offering that sets it apart from the rest. It’s often this unique aspect that will attract customers to buy that product over someone else.

Creating a quality product or service can be a challenging task, and its often not something that is achieved overnight, but as you consistently work with developing a culture around going beyond the standard norm and seeking ways to be different, you’ll find that customers will recognize you as the brand that serves the highest quality product.

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