Molokai Pizza

After a lengthy career with Little Caesars and Chuck E Cheese Pizza, I became a Franchisee for Little Caesars in Cecil County Maryland and Chester County Pennsylvania. I was invited to experience Molokai by my business partners around 1991 when the Island was really bustling with activity. After a few days of sight-seeing, meeting many local people and enjoying many parties a plan to open a family oriented restaurant featuring pizza was formed.

I returned to the East coast and sold off the businesses, moved to Molokai, built a restaurant, built a house and began hiring and training.

In late 1992 we opened the Molokai Pizza Café with free pizza slices, soft drinks and entertainment ( our own little block party). We have over the years maintained a staff of 5 to 7 full time managers and service staff and around 25 part-time staff.

We have weathered many storms and economic challenges and several landlord changes, but have been able to survive and become Molokai’s longest continuous service restaurant in operation today.

Featuring fresh dough pizzas, bread sticks, sandwiches, burgers, barbeque ribs, chicken dinners, fish dinners, soft serve ice cream, kids parties and community fund raising.


Sean Connolly


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