Finding Balance With the Race Car Litmus Test

Sustaining high personal performance over time requires a balanced life. Much like the way the four wheels of a Daytona 500 race car can make or break the race, if just one of your “wheels” becomes disproportionate to the others, a breakdown is inevitable that can sabotage your success.

So how can you ensure a smooth ride? Like the pit stops that quickly assess the condition of a race car and restore balance, you and your pit crew can consistently check in on yourselves and each other to ensure optimal performance — first, by identifying the specific priorities that your speed (productivity), safety (well-being) and results (progress) hinge on.

Top leaders and high-value individuals earn and maintain their track record by investing equal effort and time into four main priorities of everyday life. At least once a month, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you doing the best work of your career?

Pushing yourself every day to grow and improve is not only personally rewarding, it can inspire others around you and draw attention to your mission.

  1. Are you able to be there for ‘ohana and friends?

Giving your time and attention to loved ones adds a sense of purpose, strengthens relationships and builds your support network. 

  1. Are you making a positive difference in the communities in which you live, work and play?

When you’re driven by a desire to uplift others around you, that higher purpose adds motivation and momentum to your work and life.

  1. Are you taking regular time-outs for your own spiritual, physical, mental and emotional discovery and well-being?

Like a race car, you may be required to run at high speeds for long periods of time to finish the race… but taking time to rest and refuel will help you maintain productivity, performance and a positive attitude over time.

Balance = Happiness

Just like the practice of rotating tires, sometimes more focus needs to be given to one of these areas, but the overall performance of the car (your success and happiness) should serve as the ultimate gauge of balance. If something feels off, return to this litmus test and use the questions as a catalyst for necessary change.

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