The Best Water in the World from Hawaii for Hawaii

Living Aloha & Being Pono

Hawaii Volcanic Beverages is proud to announce the successful statewide launch of its ultra premium naturally alkaline artesian water brand.  The healthy and delicious Volcanic mineral water comes from a protected, deep and sustainably abundant aquifer on the Big Island located on the slope of the massive and ancient Mauna Loa volcano which is the largest mountain on Earth from base to summit.  The pristine water averages an alkaline pH level of 8.0+, which properly hydrates by reducing the high levels of acidity in our bodies. The water is responsibly packaged in beautiful, re-usable crystal glass bottles, and in recycled plastic (RPET) bottles.

Hawaii Volcanic is a conscious brand that promotes “Living Aloha” by being positive, healthy, active, and kind to others and to the Earth. We are an ultra-premium natural beverage and lifestyle company that proudly manufacturers delicious health and wellness beverages in Hawaii. All of our beverages are sustainably sourced from our protected and abundant naturally alkaline artesian mineral water aquifer. This pristine source has been receiving approximately 2 billion gallons of water recharge daily from rain and snow for almost a million years.  The source is located at our modern bottling plant facility on the wet and beautiful rainforest Hilo side of Hawaii Island.

After many years of building relationships of trust and respect with indigenous Hawaiian Kapuna (elders) and Konohiki (stewards of the resources) we are humbled, gracious, and proud to have received their blessings to proceed with this important project. Through our many PONO programs every Hawaii Volcanic beverage sold benefits Hawaii, the people of Hawaii, and the Earth.

Feel great knowing that every drink you take of a healthy and delicious Hawaii Volcanic beverage contributes to helping others and to helping the Planet, which is what Living Aloha is all about. We have made a commitment to do our part to get everyone in the World access to clean drinking water by supporting the efforts of and We also work with many individuals, groups, and non-profit organizations in Hawaii to protect and preserve the precious islands and culture of Hawaii for future generations to enjoy and experience as we do today.

For more information about Hawaii Volcanic Beverages visit us @ like us on facebook: email us: – or call 808-639-9394 – ALOHA!


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