HRA Staff participate in LEI event at the Hawaii Convention Center

Marcus Fiske (HRA ProStart Coordinator), Justine Perkins (Kaiser High School Culinary Instructor), Gregg Fraser (HRA Executive Director)

On April 18, HRA executives and staff attended the LEI event at the Hawaii Convention Center to promote the Hawaii Restaurant Association Educational Foundation ProStart program. LEI is a HTA-sponsored workforce development project created by ClimbHI to inspire Hawai’i’s youth to select careers in the Hawai’i visitor industry by providing them with the necessary means to achieve success. From the student’s perspective, LEI represents an opportunity for Leadership, Exploration, and Inspiration, and from the hospitality industry’s perspective, LEI provides an opportunity to Lead, Expose, and Inspire Hawai’i’s youth. For more information visit

Marcus Fiske (HRA ProStart Coordinator), Sunny Obrey (HRA Executive Assistant), Gregg Fraser (HRA Executive Director)


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