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Investing in retail apparel – the DOs and DON’Ts

Hawaii is a tourist economy and t-shirts are the easiest most sought out souvenirs to bring home. Many successful restaurants, from individual to chains, promote their business through retail apparel sales. There are three primary incentives for the restauranteur to create a retail zone: Advertising, Branding and New/Added Revenue Streams.

The person wearing a t-shirt or hat with your company logo on it, is a walking billboard implicitly endorsing our establishment to everyone who sees that shirt. “Yeah I love the food so much I bought a shirt” or “I’m such a loyal customer, they rewarded me with this really cool shirt.”

On any level, endorsement advertising is the most sincere.  If your restaurant is in a highly competitive area like Waikiki or North Shore, the more you can be seen, the more you will be noticed and ultimately frequented by tourists and locals alike.

The branding component of retail shirts also lets your guests know that you are going the extra mile to differentiate yourself from the competition. When service is your passion, your customers will notice and they will be excited to see that you can offer them an opportunity to maintain their good memories with the ultimate endorser, a shirt. And of course, this helps your restaurant stand out from the rest. Branding with retail apparel applies for all restaurants from burger joints to 5-star establishments.

Apparel doesn’t have a limited shelf life and can bring in extra profits, with selling margins of 40-70%.  Selling 5-15 shirts per day can add an extra $100 per day of revenue. If organized well, this can be handled by the main cashier and possibly the seating staff.

And don’t forget your staff

Your largest market for retail apparel may very well be your staff.  They are your best advertisers for your shirts and the ones who will most likely be wearing them on a daily basis. Restaurants have different policies on dress codes. Where restaurants allow staff to wear retail items during work, guests will have an opportunity to have a dialog with the staff about the apparel. In addition, the staff may just have a little more fun at work wearing some real cool stuff!

Contact: Steve Burnett, President

Pineapple Printz

1050 Bishop Street, #365

Honolulu, HI 96813

(808) 683-6119


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