Executive Director’s Message: November 2016

Gregg Fraser, HRA Executive Director

We’re already tired of hearing about it but it has just begun………

Talking about what happened on Tuesday as Donald Trump won the Presidential Election.

This has created much talk in the media and business World. Many questions unanswered.

Here’s one, how will President-Elect Donald Trump effect the Food Service Industry?

We are not yet sure which direction he will go on immigration. He said many things throughout the years and over the past months while campaigning, but will he carry out all of what he said? There are many immigrants working in restaurants across the country as well as in Hawaii. Since we are already struggling with finding enough restaurant workers, will he make it even harder in the future?

There is some potential good news though; President Elect Trump has vowed to repeal and replace “Obama Care”, as we have all felt the challenges associated with it. Hopefully he can come up with a plan that will help reduce the costs of Health Care.

In addition, Trump is not in favor of a $15 per hour minimum wage. He states that he would support “a reasonable $10 minimum wage”, and as you know, we will be at $10.10 by January of 2018, in Hawaii.

Tax reform is also a likely result of Tuesday’s election. Both Trump and Congressional Republicans favor tax cuts. Lower taxes that put more money into Americans’ wallets are generally good for the restaurant industry dependent upon discretionary income for sales.

So what can we expect in the next 4 years? Wait and see? I don’t think so…..This is a great opportunity to be heard as an Industry.

Through a newly drafted Unified Partnership Agreement, The Hawaii Restaurant Association will be working more closely with the National Restaurant Association, as will the other states, to address any and all issues that come out of Washington. There is a feeling of hope, since President – Elect Trump is first and foremost a business man, that he will listen and react favorably to the collective voice of the Restaurant Industry. It’s time to be heard, together we can make a difference.


Gregg Fraser

Executive Director

Hawaii Restaurant Association

For more information contact: HRA Office 808-944-9105   info@hawaiirestaurant.org


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