How can a new year bring about new opportunity.

The days are flying by and before you know it, another month will have gone by. When do we get the time to stop and really take a look at what we need to do to grow our business? The answer is…..NEVER. So it’s more important now than ever to look towards our partnerships in the industry to feed us information, ideas and even help us plan for the future. The Hawaii Restaurant Association is always here to help but we also recommend that you connect with the National Restaurant Association and other industry associations for even more support.

Every restaurant operator is concerned with what is going to happen at the current legislative session, HRA will keep you up to speed on how we are addressing issues that impact the entire foodservice industry.

But there’s more to it than that, as times get tough and money is a little tight, you need ways to promote your business that doesn’t cost much. There are many options that have proven to be successful, one of the most popular being Facebook.

The largest social network, with more than 1.15 billion global users. The behemoth network is only nine years old and attracts users from a wide range of demographics, gender, race and age levels.

The brilliant thing about Facebook, from a marketing standpoint, is that users provide all of the data that allows you to target them. Additionally, Facebook has the largest share of mobile engagement, meaning you can target users before they get out of bed, during their morning commute or while they are watching television at night – those times they are not at their home or office computers.

Most operators have their restaurant’s business page set up on Facebook. A business page is your restaurant’s main presence and the key way for customers to interact with your brand on Facebook. Let us know if you need help getting your restaurants page up and running.

The Hawaii Restaurant Association is an extension of your marketing tools. Log on to our website for helpful tips and ideas to help you grow your business. Contact us today at 808-944-9105 or visit for more information.


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