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If you’re involved in the restaurant, foodservice, hospitality, or the tourism industry, then take advantage of all the opportunities that the National Restaurant Association and ServSafe have to offer.

National Restaurant Association

The National Restaurant Association supports almost 500,000 restaurant businesses and is the biggest foodservice trade association around the globe. This organization works with all State Restaurant associations (SRA). With over 750,000 hardworking employees, they help restaurant owners and operators accomplish more than they ever dreamed of. Click here for more information.


Preventing a food borne illness outbreak, ensuring current food safety regulations are being followed, and protecting restaurants and their managers from legal issues resulting from an outbreak are just a few of the main purposes of ServSafe Food Safety Training. They also help identify the areas of improvement that managers and owners sometimes miss due to enormous workloads. Click here for additional information.

HRA Library

We have created a library of various resource documents from our archives and past events. You can always reach us for more information. The links to HRA library are given below:

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