We Love Them But Keep Dogs Out of Restaurants

“We love them, but keep dogs out of restaurants.” That was the unambiguous message delivered in testimony on February 8, 2019, to the State Committee on Agriculture by Hawai’i Restaurant Association Legislative Chair, Mr. Victor Lim. Mr. Lim further testified, “The Hawaii Restaurant Association, representing over 3,500 restaurants, stands opposed to HB 681 that would allow dogs in restaurants at the owner’s discretion, provided that certain conditions are met. Yes, the bill states that it is voluntary but the majority of the restaurants feel that the bill would put undue pressure on them from dog owners. Most of our restaurants here are generally smaller in size and do not have separate spaces for customers to eat. How to police the size of the dog, distinguish the ones that will behave, that won’t soil the facilities, and how to get the owners to be responsible for their dogs, and respect the comfort of customers with allergies? The bottom line is that the restaurant staff will be the ones doing all the cleaning to make sure that the facility and personal staff cleanliness standards are met at all times.”

About The Hawaii Restaurant Association
The Hawaii Restaurant Association (HRA) is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade organization, together with the National Restaurant Association and the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, is dedicated to representing, educating and promoting the restaurant, food service, hospitality and tourism industries. The HRA provides access to the support and resources that industry professionals need to maintain a thriving business and serves as a contributing member of the unique and diverse restaurant community here in Hawaii.

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